Cape Cod Reveal - Main Level

  • January 23 2023
  • Oak and Arrow Homes

Cape Cod Reveal - Main Level

Gah! We are so excited to share this little gem of a remodel with you!

This home belongs to a lovely family of 3 who were so much fun to work with.  Overall, their spaces were feeling a bit small and cramped. Their goal wasn’t to create a bigger home; rather an overall smarter and efficient use of space, with a small addition.

Aesthetically, the family loves mid century modern so we were excited for the challenge of weaving a more modern style into their traditional cape cod.  They have great style and an eye for detail so the whole process was a true collaboration!


Kicking it off with the heart of the home, the kitchen!  The original kitchen was feeling a little congested, so the family wanted to open it up for entertaining and create an easier flow so they could all cook together.  There was no mudroom before, so all their outdoor gear slowly spilled into the kitchen.


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