5 simple ways to keep your home & family healthy this winter

  • January 14 2023
  • Oak and Arrow Homes

5 simple ways to keep your home & family healthy this winter

It’s safe to say we are all ultra concerned with keeping our families as healthy as possible this winter.  A big part of that means managing the air quality in our homes.  This can be tricky given that many of us live in colder climates (hello, from Minnesota!) and are shutting our windows and reaching for our thermostats. So here are a few things you can easily do to keep the air quality and your family as healthy as possible this winter.

Yes filter!  

Furnaces are known for circulating all kinds of pollutants around your home, so making sure you regularly change the air filter on your furnace is very important.  We also recommend using a home air purifier like the Breatheclean that attaches to your furnace or the free-standing Molekule to literally clear the air of bacteria, mold and allergens that can be floating around.

Reduce dryness. 

Making sure your house isn’t too dry and your humidity levels are optimal (around 30-40%) is also key and we love these for monitoring.

Get your greens. 

One of the easiest and most inexpensive things you can do is to bring in some houseplants.  They reduce stale indoor air by by releasing both moisture and oxygen.  Plus they are proven mood-lifters and anxiety-reducers, which we can all use in the dark winter months!  Don’t worry if you’re not a plant aficionado, Paisley and Sparrow is a great resource for recommending the best low maintenance plants.

Clean with clean products! 

This is probably pretty obvious but keeping your home free (or as free as possible, ha!) of dust is very important.  And check on your cleaning products as many of them can do more harm than good, especially in the winter months.  Check out the Grove line or any of the cleaning products from Thrive market.

Let fresh air in. 

We know this can be tough in colder climates, but letting in fresh air for even 5 minutes a day can do wonders for your homes’ air quality.  So if you can, grab a cozy blanket, crack open those windows and let in some real air for just a few minutes!

We hope these tips help you and your families stay safe, healthy, and breathing easy this winter!

For additional cleaning tips and tricks, check out our post on spring cleaning

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